Brexit – Freedom of Movement

Another substantial conversation piece which doesn't really get talked about in detail.

  • Freedom of movement. Surely the original EU intent was substantially to allow free movement of working people in major organisations – i.e. banks, major corporations etc. to move from one ‘office to another’ which would potentially enhance the people's career, countries prosperity and organisation's ability to operate efficiently across the globe.
  • I suspect the original concept was never to facilitate migration on the basis of financial well-being only.
  • The UK PM now seems to be suggesting we only allow (except hop pickers and the like) skilled people – i.e. recruit fully trained individuals from elsewhere in the world – sort of shameful 'plundering'. Let the UK train (and pay for) adequate nursing staff, for example, so that we can genuinely reduce some of the obvious needs for immigration. Perhaps the EU will changes it’s policies with regards to people leaving the EU!